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  • 5/13/2014 - Roll Call!

    A site-wide activity check! If you're around and ready for some action post here and let us know!

  • 7/11/2014 - House Cleaning

    Amid a massive month of incompetence, laziness, and inactivity, we're going to be updating a few things on Niwa for a massive transition. Stay tuned, as Season 3 will be launching within the next few days! -- Mak

  • 5/13/2014 - Fighting Tournament

    The Lethal Rage Tournament is fast approaching. Be sure to sign up for this event. It will be one you won't want to miss!

  • 4/13/2014 - Enter: The Beldeg

    Prepare yourselves... something strange is about to happen in Niwa...

They said this was a city for our kind, they said it was a safe haven from the rest of the world. This was suppose to be the city where we where safe from regular humans. But, in a city where Meta-Humans run rampant, is there such thing as safety? When taking what you want is as simple as waving your hand, or closing your eyes, how can there be law? In this city, the truth is there is only one source of law, and that are the different criminal organizations that have formed all around us. The only order is that of the darkest part of humanity, of criminal organizations where the strong thrive while the weak gasp for air. This is Niwa Nights.. This is our home.

Can you survive it?


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Bombs Away!
Topic Started: Oct 24 2011, 01:45 AM (412 Views)
Ali frowned, glancing down at the bucket. "Don't be so rough." She plucked another one from the bucket, cataloging the remaining stock. She tossed it up a few feet and caught it when it came back down, staring at the balloon as it flew.

Grinning at the obviously angry girl, she held up the balloon, "Want to try again?" She beamed.
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Rai sighed, and gnashed her teeth, standing up, holding out her hands again. "Fine, then..." Tilting her head, she studied the girl closely, trying to read her body language. However, she was still bad at it, and could only tell the girl was very agile. In comparison, Rai knew she was more a leaned, toughened machine. She wasn't agile, but what she lacked in agility, she made up for in raw power and endurance. Hmm... perhaps this girl could be of use, if Watanabe could stick to the child's game to earn her trust.

"Give it a go," she stated simply.
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