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Haru Nakyo; [Skulk] Ru's cousin
Topic Started: May 24 2011, 12:19 AM (1,281 Views)

Gender: Female
Gang Affiliation: Skulk
Occupation: Gang Leader
Age: Looks 16, but is really 30. Her body stopped aging at 16.
Birthday/Sign: Pisces (Feb. 21st)
Residence: The abandoned school

[Posted Image]Height: 5'6''
Weight/Build: Average build and weight, though she still eats like a bird.
Ethnicity/Race: Japanese-Irish
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Distinguishing Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Haru used to be covered in scars, but since she was healed back to live they have all vanished. There is only one hint of them left on the inside of her left arm.
Attire: Since coming back to life, Haru has started wearing a lot of Vesper's clothing. She sports ripped jeans, converse, and leather jackets. Band t-shirts that used to barely fit Vesper fill out on Haru rather nicely. She still wears the bracelet with Charlie's name on it.

Description: Once considered to be one of the more depressing members of the Skulk, Haru has really stepped up to the plate since Vesper's death. She holds herself with a confidence she had never felt before, and she's now more willing to take charge of any situation. Her bravery does have its limits, but they are rarely seen when she has her familiars around. Nothing grosses her out or makes her turn away—she was dead after all, what could be more gross?

That being said, her fuse has also grown even shorter than before, and she's more likely to snap at someone rather than trying to figure out what the problem is beforehand. She's also lonelier than ever. With Vesper and Ezo gone, she feels like she really has no one to talk to. She finds herself chatting with their corpses (her familiars) more often than she'd like to admit.
Likes: The smell of dirt. Sad, slow songs. Cats.
Dislikes: Loud dogs. Gunfire.
Hobbies: As creepy as it sounds, she likes to take care of her decaying familiars. This includes brushing hair, bandaging them, dressing them in clothes that aren't falling apart. It sounds creepy because it is.
Goals/Aspirations: To be a better boss than Vesper ever was—an almost impossible feat.
Fears: Her familiars dragging her back to death's door.


Haru's story is long and very sad. Born as the love-child of Scott Frensif and Aya Nakyo in Niwa, her troubles began before she was even brought into the world. Her father, having made "a horrible mistake" by cheating on his fiance, left Aya to care for their unborn child by herself. He only found out about Haru after he had tied the knot with his fiance.

Years passed without a meeting between the two, until Scott's death when Haru was 8. Her first trip to see him was to his funeral, where she was met by glares from his happy little family. This was also where she met her half-brother, Charlie, for the first time. The meeting left a permanent scar on her and she would remember it forever; how his eyes bore into her, the same green eyes she sported.

Scott Frensif had a deadly disease; deadly to those who had latent psychic powers that were never harnessed. This syndrome was passed down through genes, though still rather rare. Because of its rarity, it was named the Frensif Syndrome. Anyone with Scott's genes could contract it, but it only did damage to the psychics of the family. He passed after succumbing to the disease's fatal symptoms; the peeling away of the skin, after which it would never heal back. He was covered with scars as he lay in his coffin, and Haru was tortured by this sight in her dreams for a long time.

It wasn't until years later that the whole ordeal would come full circle. At 14, Haru was diagnosed with the same syndrome as her father. Unfortunately, after trying for a while, no psychic ability manifested in the girl, and she was forced to prepare for the worst. Unlike her father, who had abilities and then lost them, Haru didn't stand a fighting chance against the disease. It's rapid spread through her body left her little time to plan her future, though she did try to make the best of it. The girl wanted to meet her half siblings before she went into the afterlife, and discussed it with her mother. Aya, instead of dealing with the crisis, turned her daughter over to some caretakers and went off to try and handle what was happening to their broken family.

Contrary to what her mother would have wanted, Haru decided to enroll in high school in America. She picked the town where she knew her half siblings would be and got into their private school. Because of her disease, the school had no problem tending to her wishes; she really didn't have much longer to live. It was here that she met her half-brother, who only ever wanted to find her his entire life. Rather than telling him who she was and breaking his heart when she passed on, she kept him company and listened to him talk about his life. He never did catch on to who she really was, despite her knowing exactly who he was the second she met him. It's hard to forget a face like that, after all.

The girl died after after the winter break. For the last month or so, she was in and out of the hospital, and her brother stayed by her side the whole time. She was only 16 and only a month away from turning 17. The funeral was lovely, though not many family members attended. It was there that Charlie met Haru's mother and discovered that she was his half-sister all along. Discovering who she was too late was the biggest heartbreak of his life, and the reason he devoted himself so much to helping others. Haru was the best friend he ever had, and he blamed himself for her suffering. They buried her in Japan so that her mother could visit her all the time, bandages and all.

Several years later, she opened her eyes to the darkness of her coffin. It took a few days, but she finally crawled out of the dirt to find the world exactly how she left it, minus the pain in her skin. At first, she was confused, as she thought herself to be a zombie and thought she should crave flesh. Instead she was just an undead person who craved nothing at all. She wandered around a little for a while to find out her mother had moved away and she couldn't leave the city. It was her loneliness that brought her to The Skulk.

After Vesper's death, she decided to grab her second chance at life and make something of it. She visited Wade and had him heal her completely, essentially bringing her entire body back to life. She can eat now, and feel things she hasn't felt in so long. But can she die? It's a mystery she doesn't want to solve so quickly.


While being dead had its advantages, like resistance to temperature, hunger, and pain, Haru wished for more in life. Coming back to life completely got rid of her dulled senses. Now she feels everything almost too vividly, like her body is trying to make up for the years lost.

She can still control dead things, though now the small things she once controlled come in droves and hoards, instead of by ones and twos. Haru is constantly in control of two dead humans, her familiars: Lady and Tramp. When she concentrates on them, she knows where they are located. For the most part, they stand around like statues, guarding their master. They protect her with everything they can, but can only move when Haru is awake. If she is ever knocked unconscious, they go back to decaying corpses.


She still carries around a box of bandages, though she uses them mostly for Lady and Tramp. Other than that, she still has all of Vesper's old stuff, and her cricket bat most of all. Her old funeral dress hangs in her room, as a reminder of where she came from.


Skulk kids

old info
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May 24 2011, 12:19 AM
Haru doesn't feel pain, or cold, or heat for that matter. This can be a plus and a minus all at once. While it works for combat situations, it's not exactly practical. If a part of her was on fire that she didn't see, then she could burn up into ash without even realizing it, and honestly, she doesn't really want to die again. She's also never hungry. Sometimes she can be thirsty, but the feeling fades quickly.

The dead girl can also control dead things, though nothing human sized, of course. For now, it's mostly rats and other tiny dead things, and only a few at a time, as her psychic powers have finally manifested into some kind of necromancing. But eventually, she probably could control a whole army of dead things. Then maybe she could single-handedly run the zom-pocolypse.

This event seems highly unlikely however.

Bandages, a bracelet with her half-brother's name on it, a few family tokens she was buried with.
Approved, son! I'll have you in neutrals until the Loxley Gang is up.
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Requested Power Update: I want Haru to be able to control dead people, not just dead animals. When I first made her, she was only able to control like... squirrels and rats and stuff. She eventually was able to do raccoons and dogs and cats. Now, I want her to be able to do bigger things, so people are logically next in line. Eventually, I want her to be able to control deer and horses and the like as well, but that's not right now. And I want her to be able to control 2 people at once, so it's not a whole army, but it is enough to freak people the fuck out.

In Character Explanation: In the Skulk event going on right now, the horror of witnessing Ezo's death caused something to break within Haru. She reached out into a dead human being, something she has never done before, and was actually able to move him towards her. This singular event will unlock her potential and allow her to further control dead people, not just the animals she is used to. Though the question still remains... will she be able to do this without losing her mind?

Update Approoooved~!
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