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Takashi Otsuka; [NCPD]Niwa City Police Department
Topic Started: Sep 8 2010, 12:54 PM (793 Views)
Takashi Otsuka

Gang Affiliation:
Niwa City Police Department


Birth Date:
July 3rd

NCPD Detective Lieutenant: C.R.A.S.H.

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Takashi is of a slightly above average build thanks to the requirements of his job. His face is more of an oval than a circle, with his chin coming to a flat end. Usually there’s a little bit of stubble on Takashi’s face, but nothing more than a five o’ clock shadow. His hairs, just like his eyes, are dark in color. Takashi can always be seen standing up straight, no slouching, and his legs make up for most of his height. Takashi can always be seen in darker clothing, usually in a suit and tie.

Takashi has both and eye and a stomach for human weakness. Takashi does not allow things to get under his skin easily, and if something does manage to get under his skin, he makes little effort to let anyone around him know that he’s getting agitated. Takashi means well to those around him, but does not feel comfortable talking about his personal life, even with people close to him. Instead, Takashi feels more at home when he’s talking about work with others, something that he knows and is familiar with. Takashi means well to all his friends and family, but he has a hard time expressing what he means outside his job.

Personal History:
Personal Life:
Takashi was born and raised in Tokyo as the youngest of four brothers, all of whom went on to become law enforcement officers to make their father proud. The four brothers got along extremely well despite fighting from time to time, but the four of them always found a way to goof around and have some fun without getting into too much trouble. Takashi also happened to be the smallest of the four brothers, coming in to a final height of six feet tall, so he was always treated as the runt of the family. Takashi also proved to be the most book-smart of the four brothers, finishing fourth in his class in high school and graduating from Hiroshima University near the top of his class.

As of recently, Takashi doesn’t speak much to his family. His mother and father moved out of Tokyo (unbeknownst to him) while his brothers split up and went to work their respective police beats in other cities. Koichi Otsuka, the oldest of the four brothers and a recently promoted police officer in Kyoto, was recently killed in a car accident on the way to his first official day as acting Chief of Patrol. Daichi Otsuka, the second oldest and a stand-out detective working sex crimes in Tokyo, recently transferred to Niwa for reasons unknown to Takashi. Kentaro Otsuka, the third oldest brother and closest to Takashi in age, recently took up a job with the NPA, but hasn’t spoken to Takashi in a number of years.

Takashi has been letting his work get the better of him as of late. Craving for a better position on the force, he recently took and past his Lieutenant’s exam with flying colors. The only reason for craving this position, however, is to get out of the shit hole he considers his current job. Takashi doesn’t have much of a personal life outside of work, spending most of his time working out and having sex with a young blonde woman named Vesper. No close friends to speak of, his family has been falling apart around him, and a reputation as a man who takes joy in ruining the lives of his fellow police officers has made Takashi a bit of a shut-in…

Seven Years Service:
5 Years in Tokyo
2 Years in Niwa

After graduation from college, Takashi spent most of his career on the police beat in Tokyo. Takashi spent two years as a uniformed officer, being the first responder to certain crime scenes and mostly just doing the usual grunt work of a police officer. It was during those first two years that Takashi witnessed his partner lifting cash from a crime scene for their personal expenses. Takashi ratted on his partner to the extent that his old partner was thrown into prison for a number of years. Takashi got promoted and transferred to Internal Investigations within Tokyo, where he worked for three years before being asked to come to Niwa by the Chief of Internal Investigations.

Takashi has spent two years as a member of the Internal Investigation Division, in which time his investigations have helped over-turn hundreds of convictions and sent a few police officers and civilian employees to prison for their actions. The most notable of these cases was investigating the previous City Coroner, who would receive payment for falsifying his records and claims and tamper with evidence, allowing some crooked cops and small-time pushers for organized crime bosses to go free. Most of these cases were re-opened by the police department, and some remain open to this day.

With a recent promotion and a transfer over to Homidice approaching, Takashi looks forward to the challenge of more complicated cases while dreading being dropped into the hornet's nest of officers he once investigated...

Takashi has developed a hyper-sensory vision, meaning that certain minor details that nobody else would normally notice would be easy for him to pick up on. This has been put to use by Takashi on many different occasions, and thus has been kept sharp. However, if his eyes are ever damaged, they take a longer time to heal than the rest of his body.

Additional Information:
Takashi Hates Liars.

Introduction RP:
Takashi remained quiet as he sat across from Gonzo Takei, a pathologist who was quickly collecting sweat on his brow. Laid out on the table around the microphone were three documents. One document showed a corpse with three gunshot wounds, another showed the autopsy report compiled and signed by Gonzo Takei, and the third was a document of a forensic report on a bullet found at a different crime scene. Letting the pathologist look over the documents for a moment, Takashi pointed first to the autopsy report filed by the pathologist sitting before him.
“You claim in this report that despite three entry wounds, only two bullets were found inside officer Kagami, correct?” Takashi asked Gonzo, who avoided eye contact with him and only responded with a simple “Yes.” Takashi let his answer process as his hand lifted from the autopsy over to the third document, the write up on the bullet from the other crime scene. “But this report indicates that this bullet contains traces of blood that belonged to officer Kagami. Do you know how this could have happened?” Gonzo made eye contact with Takashi for a split second before looking away, leaving Takashi with no doubt in his mind that the pathologist sitting in front of him had, in fact, committed a crime.
“Listen, if you tell me what happened, the judge and the prosecutor might take that into consideration. You might be given less time than the people who actually murdered officer Kagami. You are the only person that can help you now, the people you’re protecting can’t possibly do anything to protect you.” Takashi remained quiet, watching as the pathologist shake his head no and remain silent. Not skipping a beat, Takashi stood and gathered up the documents back into the manila folder he brought them in.
“I’ll send an officer in soon to process you for booking. As of now, you are under arrest for interfering with a police investigation, as well as conspiracy to commit murder of a police officer.” Takashi said, turning his gaze away from the pathologist and making his way out of the interrogation room back to his desk to fill out more paper work on the murder of officer Kagami.

On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the laws of my community and the agency I serve.
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