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3/27/2014 - Spring Cleaning
You guys may have noticed it, but we're working on revamping the locations of Niwa. Some things may be moved around, but overall this will be a massive visual upgrade! Keep RPing!

3/26/2014 - Niwa Pre-Season
Major changes are coming for Niwa, ladies and gentlemen--all in preparation for Season 3! Stay tuned and voice your concerns and share your ideas if you have any to make this place even better!

3/4/2014 - A New Event Planner!
Good luck to Akaiken, who has just recently been given the opportunity to run an event of her own for the board. Stay tuned, as she's got some fun things in store for us all!

2/14/2014 - The Triad War Finale
It's been a long time running (almost a year, my goodness) but the Triad War is nearing its close. For all those Triads interested in being a part of the exciting finale, please sign up! Your character's involvement could lead to some very drastic climbs in the ladder! Help put a stop to the Empress once and for all!

Niwa Meeting at 9:30pm (EST -- GMT-5:00). It'd be great if you can attend! It'll either be over Skype or on our own chatango, so please be sure to attend. Your word and your thoughts matter!

Site Spotlight

Congratulations to the newest winners of the site spotlight. These two members have shown through their dedication to the board that one person (in this case two) can forcefully pull a board from decline! Congratulations to Namida and Akaiken for your immeasurable contributions to Niwa. It's people like you who make this place as wonderful as it is.

They said this was a city for our kind, they said it was a safe haven from the rest of the world. This was suppose to be the city where we where safe from regular humans. But, in a city where Meta-Humans run rampant, is there such thing as safety? When taking what you want is as simple as waving your hand, or closing your eyes, how can there be law? In this city, the truth is there is only one source of law, and that are the different criminal organizations that have formed all around us. The only order is that of the darkest part of humanity, of criminal organizations where the strong thrive while the weak gasp for air. This is Niwa Nights.. This is our home.

Can you survive it?


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Downtown Niwa

Regular Forum The Precinct
Location Image

This big portion of downtown is dedicated to one specific demographic: the army of police officers that "protect" Niwa.

It wasn't meant to go that way Apr 8 2014, 10:30 AM, By Ezrala
Topics: 98 Replies: 1,300
Subforums: NPD Headquarters, 'Shots Fired' Shooting Range, Yuki Corp Stadium, The Shit
Regular Forum The Hub
Location Image

A simple term for the most complex, massive, beautiful, and lively subway/train/bus terminal in all of Niwa. This huge transportation center is one of Niwa's few true gems that shine to the whole world. Decorated with world-class art and technology, the Hub serves as the heart of all that moves for the public in Niwa. Security cameras, guards, and other secrets rest within this grand center.

Just My Luck Mar 24 2014, 07:00 PM, By MaKeNsHiZeRo
Topics: 34 Replies: 457
Subforums: The Sewer System, Fudo Hall, Tracy's, Suspended Rail Station
Regular Forum Fudo Shotengai - The Shopping District
Location Image

Not too far from the hub is a big commercial community. This is Niwa's premier commercial district, touting many local and unique vendors/shops for all of Niwa to shop at.

It's not like I like shopping or anything… Apr 14 2014, 09:32 PM, By Pauline
Topics: 2 Replies: 6
Subforums: Dragon Alley, Market Street, Kadoma Mall, Denshioka
Regular Forum Red Light District
Location Image

During the turn of the century, Niwa's gangs all came together to fund, build, and staff their very own Entertainment District--otherwise called the Red Light District. This is one of the few places that is completely neutral, as the Big Three vow to protect this area and let it prosper.

Free to Good Home Today, 1:58 AM, By KingCannon
Topics: 18 Replies: 310
Subforums: Mizuguchidori, Changshop, Fresh -- Night Club

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